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Professional dance training by certified and experienced teachers in Frankfurt and in Offenbach. Our ballet school offers, by a unique draught, ballet training for children already from 3 years on. The methodically built up lessons offer a steady technical growth in dance education.

The dance-preeducation in Ballet-School-Frankfurt:

In our ballet school the Russian-academic style of ballet by the method of A.J.Waganowa is taught already for children from 3 years on.

The appropriate for children built up lessons in the child classes (Pre-ballet) should serve the purpose to promote creativity as well as to contribute artist's personalities independent for the development and to advance them bit by bit to the demanding ballet training.

In the education classes of our ballet academy intensified lessons take place. These open the way to talented students for a possible professional dance education and prepares straight for it. In our ballet academy students are taught besides classical ballet, point work, anatomy and rhythmical sports gymnastics regularly.

The students of our ballet academy are members of the Young Ballet Frankfurt and take regularly part in appearances and competitions.

The end of every education year implements an exam. With a certificate the single teaching success and developments is documented. Thus the students are prepared very well for an entrance examination to a professional dance education in universities.

Our ballet school enables also students after a successfully insisted test hour to take part in a ballet hobby class. This means that students can deepen either available ballet knowledge beside their schooling in our special hobby classes, or find the entrance to ballet dancing.


Ab dem 4. Dezember wird Yury Mirov die Ballett-Klassen Ballett 3-A2 übernehmen.

Yury hat unter anderem als Solist für das Ballett Boris Eifman, Yacobson Ballett, Russisches Staatsballett unter der Leitung von V.Gordeev getanzt. 

Wir freuen uns einen so hoch qualifizierten Pädagogen für unsere Akademie gewonnen zu haben!


Our pedagogs


Tel: 06101-80 28 510 

Mobil: 0176-30 50 36 35

Bürozeiten:Mo-Fr 9.00 bis 15.00 Uhr

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Probestunde vereinbaren


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